Portsmouth Triathletes Notice of Annual General Meeting

Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting (AGM) for the Portsmouth Triathletes club will be held on


Thursday 25th November 2021 at 1900 hours


The meeting will be held online using Zoom - link will only be shared on the private Facebook Forum and newsletter for security reasons




The meeting is convened for the following purposes: 1. To receive the reports of the Management Committee Officers and Members and the accounts for the year ended September 2021. 2. To elect or re-appoint to the following Officer positions of the club and committee members


Officers of the club

  • - Chairman
  • - Vice-Chairman
  • - Secretary
  • - Treasurer
  • - Welfare Officer
  • - Covid Officer


Committee members

  • - Membership Secretary Triathlon
  • - Development Co-ordinator
  • - Communications Co-ordinator
  • - Coaching and Training Co-ordinator
  • - Social Secretary Junior Section Co-ordinator
  • - Events Manager Swimming Co-ordinator


The quorum for AGM’s is ten per cent of adult members. Members who are unable to attend the AGM can notify the Secretary within 7 days of the AGM and nominate a proxy vote. One member can have a maximum of 5 proxy votes. Proxy votes will count towards the quorum of ten percent. Any member using proxy vote who then choses to join the meeting, can not vote again.


The election of Officers and Committee members will take place at the AGM only existing members (over 18 years) have the right to vote at the AGM. Current members of the club may make nominations for the Committee posts to be elected at the AGM. This must be done by sending the nominees name, the post for which they are nominated and the names of both the proposer and seconder to the Club Secretary secretary@portsmouthtriathletes.co.uk.


Please do not nominate people to Committee posts without their express agreement. This should be received no later than Tuesday 23rd November 2021; nominations are welcome for all positions.


If you have any other business that you feel is relevant to the AGM, then please note that this should be submitted for consideration to the Secretary, by e-mail, secretary@portsmouthtriathletes.co.uk at least three days before the meeting.


Dated 22 October 2021 Secretary Portsmouth Triathletes

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