Message from your Coaches – April 2022

Strength & Conditioning Session 

Monday Evenings at 7pm – S&C - gluts and core, a link for this session can be found on the clubs Facebook forum. 



Last few before the Tuesday evening Sea swimming starts. Tuesday 7pm – Join Jo Lovell for ‘Turbo Tuesday’ Weather not a problem, spend an hour in your very own pain cave with the company of your fellow Portsmouth Triathletes. Use the link on the Facebook forum. ZOOM Links for these sessions can be found on the Facebook forum or message myself (Lesley Quiney) for the S&C session link. Or Jo Lovell for the Turbo Tuesday link or email 


QE Park XC Run 

Last session will be Saturday 30th April & combined with SCCL BBQ We meet in the main car park at 8.30am on Saturday mornings. You will need to complete an ICE (In case of Emergency) form before attending, this is located under the ‘files’ tab on the Facebook forum. There is a messenger group for this session to help with arranging lifts and sharing other details, if you want to join us let me know using the e mail address. 



Weds evening 8.30-9.30pm is a technique session, we take new swimmers to the group on the first Weds of each month. 


This session is fully coached. 4 Lanes Max 30 swimmers. We cover a new element of technique each month during the off-season then move onto practicing Open Water skills as the Tri season approaches. Morning sessions 6am – 7am Mon, Weds and Fri are not coached but coach-led. This means that the training for each session is written up on a whiteboard and each of the 3 double lanes, 2 lots of swimmers each double lane, each lot swims as a group, the lanes are divided on ability/speed. 


Wednesdays we have room for 10 swimmers & there is availability for some 1:1 session.

Mondays & Fridays we have room for 20 swimmers. Where possible new swimmers to these morning sessions will need to attend one Weds evening session unless they are experienced club swimmers or have swum with us before. 


Payment for swimming We ask that you pay monthly, for your swimming, let Sandy the club secretary, e-mail, know how many sessions you expect/attend and send the correct money to the club account, cost per session is £4.50 - please email for banking details. 


** Wednesday mornings** 

We now have availability for some 1:1 swim coaching at Horizon Havant Pool during the 6am club swim session. Lesley Quiney (Tri coach) and Bekki Kingshott (Swimming teacher) will be available for 1:1 coaching, let me know if you are interested. Sometimes all it takes is a small adjustment to unlock your full potential. 


Please contact us on if you fancy joining our pool training sessions 



 ‘Despite twice weekly sessions with my Triathlon Club, I felt my swimming had plateaued. Like many of us, I watched lots of videos and adopted a self-analysis but sadly to no avail. I decided to contact Lesley and she booked me in for a 45 min session. During that time, she looked at my stroke, body position and immediately found areas that would improve my efficiency in the water. An extremely beneficial 45 minutes! During subsequent swims, I’ve focussed on these areas and found an instant improvement and feel very reassured that my swimming efficiency will continue to improve over the coming weeks and months. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Lesley and I will definitely be drawing upon her experience again to keep my swimming moving forward in the right direction.’ 

- Bob Platts 


ALL-LES TRI Coaching 

Preparing for next year? want to make your off season as productive as possible? Have a specific race in mind? Please do remember that we do have INHOUSE coaches who can supply you with a 1:1 coaching plan tailored specifically to your needs. 


Whether you just want help/support preparing for your first Triathlon, moving up a distance or have a specific event in mind and want to do your best. We are very reasonably priced for Portsmouth Triathlete members, please contact us direct on for more information and a price list. 


ALLEZ AQUA Open Water Coaching 

The open water session is fast approaching make sure you are fully prepared; Allez Aqua will be holding a couple of stand-alone introduction/acclimatising to open water sessions during May down at Eastney Beach. These will be followed by blocks of 4 weekly sessions covering all you need to know about racing in Open Water. 

1) Sighting

2) Drafting

3) turning at a buoy

4) mass starts, deep water starts, and beach starts.


These sessions are all tide and weather permitting but we have the whole summer so plenty of opportunities to fit it all in. If you would like more information about these sessions, please contact us via the Allez Aqua facebook page or using the email